Global Online Hockey Association - Official Statistics 

GOHA Awards

At the close of each season, a league members are recognized for success and dedication with a series of awards. The following awards have been presented to date.

All-Star Game VotingSeason SevenNorth American
Playoffs MVP Season 8Season EightNorth American
Season 1 AwardsSeason OneNorth American
Season 10 Awards: EuroSeason TenEuropean
Season 10 Awards: NASeason TenNorth American
Season 11 Awards: EuroSeason ElevenScrimmage
Season 11 Awards: NASeason ElevenScrimmage
Season 11: All Star MVPSeason ElevenScrimmage
Season 11: Euro PlayOffs/Toilet Bowl MVPSeason ElevenScrimmage
Season 2 AwardsSeason TwoNorth American
Season 3 AwardsSeason ThreeEuropean
Season 3 Awards (N.A.)Season ThreeNorth American
Season 4 AwardsSeason FourNorth American
Season 5 AwardsSeason FiveEuropean
Season 5 AwardsSeason FiveNorth American
Season 6 AwardsSeason SixEuropean
Season 6 AwardsSeason SixNorth American
Season 7 All-Stars Game MVP Season SevenNorth American
Season 7 Cobras Team MVPSeason SevenNorth American
Season 7 European Division AwardsSeason SevenEuropean
Season 7 Foxes Team MVPSeason SevenEuropean
Season 7 Ice Lords MVPSeason SevenNorth American
Season 7 Moose Team MVPSeason SevenNorth American
Season 7 North American Division AwardsSeason SevenNorth American
Season 7 Playoffs MVPSeason SevenNorth American