Global Online Hockey Association - Official Statistics 

GOHA Awards - Season 11 Awards: NA

1. Caproni Trophy for the Mustangs MVP
Dyz Warburton Sullie Auster
2. Courneyor Trohpy for Best Teamwork
Ice Lords
3. Goalpost Award for Captain of the Season
Kei Frequency
4. Grumiaux Trophy for the Wolves MVP
Lito Menoptra
5. Gudkov Trophy for Outstanding Utility Player
Abu Salazar
6. Hickman Trophy for Overall League MVP
Kei Frequency
7. Itokawa Trophy for the Whales MVP
MrC Sparta
8. James Trophy for Outstanding Sportsmanship
Kei Frequency
9. Jewell Trophy for Most Improved Player
Kei Frequency
10. Klata Trophy for Outstanding Defenseman
Sirkiko Vidor
11. Lusch Trophy for Outstanding Veteran of the Year
Lito Menoptra
12. Lycia Trophy for the Mammoth MVP
Sacha Pangaea
13. Merrick-Sabre Outstanding Offensive Player
Kei Frequency
14. Oh Trophy for Enforcer of the Season
Lobo Rodriquez
15. Renegade Trophy for the Moose MVP
Mystic Audion
16. Rodriquez Trophy for Outstanding Rookie of the Season
Maverick Garsdale
17. Roux Trophy for the Polar Bears MVP
Deej Kasshiki
18. Upshaw Trophy for the Cobras MVP
Abu Salazar
19. Vidor Trophy for Outstanding Offensive Defenseman
Abu Salazar Sirkiko Vidor
20. Wachmann Trophy for Outstanding Defensive Offenseman
Lobo Rodriquez
21. Warburton Trophy for the Ice Lords MVP
Kei Frequency
22. Wind Trophy for Outstanding Goaltender
Sacha Pangaea
23. Zuhrah Trophy for Outstanding Referee
Ashlene McMinnar