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Chamonix City Ski Jump

Chamonix City Ski JumpThe Chamonix City Ski Jump was built in the winter of 2010 by long time resident and GOHA member Marjan Tomba. Finally, the perfect opportunity for residents of all areas to follow thier olympic dream and aim for the Gold with a detailed system measuring distance, air, and landing.

The Ski Jump was first introduced for Linden Lab's Winterfest 2010, hosted by the Global Online Hockey Association on Chamonix City. Winterfest included a series of Ski Jump Tournaments, each an opportunity for anyone to win bragging rights for thier best ability. Keep an eye on events to join in the next tournament. Stop by anytime to practice your skills and defy gravity!

The following are the Top Recent Scores for Ski Jump - Can you beat them?

Best Overall Score
RankResidentCountryDistanceDistance ScoreAir ScoreLanding ScoreTotal ScoreDate
1millennium BunnyCHN59.0057.4060.0052.48169.888/16/2022
2chiba0longevity ResidentPRC57.0052.2060.0051.97164.178/16/2022
3Marjan TombaCAN54.0044.4060.0054.13158.538/15/2022
4JustZoie ResidentRUS51.0036.6051.6047.20135.408/14/2022
5Louise NapBRA62.0062.4060.000.00122.408/15/2022
6Mayou TsukiCAN52.0039.2060.000.0099.208/16/2022
7T2WOAM ResidentUSA54.0044.4042.000.0086.408/15/2022
8KinoJavera ResidentBRA46.0023.6044.400.0068.008/13/2022
Best Distance
RankResidentCountryDistanceDistance ScoreAir ScoreLanding ScoreTotal ScoreDate
1Louise NapBRA62.0062.4060.000.00122.408/15/2022
2millennium BunnyCHN59.0057.4060.0052.48169.888/16/2022
3chiba0longevity ResidentPRC57.0052.2060.0051.97164.178/16/2022
4Marjan TombaCAN54.0044.4060.0054.13158.538/15/2022
5T2WOAM ResidentUSA54.0044.4042.000.0086.408/15/2022
6Mayou TsukiCAN52.0039.2060.000.0099.208/16/2022
7JustZoie ResidentRUS51.0036.6051.6047.20135.408/14/2022
8KinoJavera ResidentBRA46.0023.6044.400.0068.008/13/2022