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Global Online Hockey Association (GOHA) is the virtual world's premier team sports league. Established in 2006, featured on SL Showcase, CNN online, TreetTV, and SL6B. Second Life®, owned by Linden Lab™, is a world made by its residents, otherwise known as avatars. Second Life, SL, and inSL are trademarks of Linden Research, Inc. The Global Online Hockey Association is not affiliated with or sponsored by Linden Research.

GOHA collects information from the equipment used in the game for the purpose of providing game based statistics as displayed within this site for the purpose of identification and security and used to provide you with access to this site via your user name and password. Additionally, GOHA uses collected information to evaluate the performance of the product and improve the user experience.

Users have the option to allow the use of the profile image to be displayed for others to view. This may include media pages in-world, as well as detailed pages here within the statistics site. This option must be selected by the user and may be disabled at any time by removing the option within this site's preferences or by accessing the Privacy poster at any official GOHA rink.

We respect your privacy - GOHA does not sell or share your information with anyone.