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Resident Education Program

The Global Online Hockey Association is a proud member of the SecondLife community and supports new residents in thier adventures in-world with a focus on Winter Sports and more specifically, Ice Hockey. GOHA's new Resident Education Program is dedicated to helping those who are new to SL become acclimated and active in their new world.

Whether it is your first day in-world or your 5th rez-day, we're available to help when you need a hand. Stop by anytime, there are 12 Resident Education Volunteers are in-world and available to help right now!

New Features

Visit the Chamonix City Post Office for direct access to volunteers that are available to lend a helping hand. Here, you'll also find new information to help you get started. 12 Resident Education Volunteers are available right now to provide any additional assistance you may need.

Access any GOHA Information Kiosk to receive the latest information or direct access to material related to the Global Online Hockey Association.

Our state of the art training facility is available 24/7 for individuals and teams to learn and practice their skills. This facility is the home to the top stars in the league. Stop by the Breakaway Region to practice your own skills or meet up with other league members. Right now, 6 GOHA Coaches are in-world to provide some additional tips and tricks as needed.


Give back to your community! The Resident Education volunteers want you! Do you remember how confusing it was during your first days and weeks in Second Life? Help us help new residents make the transition into Second Life by volunteering your time answering questions and helping others learn the new skills they need to be successful. You must be 3 months old and have a good working knowledge of the basics of Second Life.

Log in to apply or visit any GOHA Information Kiosk in-world.