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GOHA Awards - Season 7 North American Division Awards

1. Allan Gudkov Trophy for Outstanding Utility Player (ability to play well in all 3 positions: defense-offense-goal)
Dyz Warburton
2. August Lusch Trophy for Outstanding Veteran of the Year (Overall best performance by Vet)
Huxley Fouroux
3. Boston Beeks Trophy for Outstanding Passing (Noted for remarkable passing and passing retrieval skills)
Huxley Fouroux
4. GOHA Promising Rookie Award (Given to brand new rookie voted to be most promising for S8)
Larithen Karu
5. Harley Wachmann Trophy for Outstanding Defensive Offenseman You are voting for a person who played primarily offense, but showed excellence and impact in the defensive role as well.
Joseph Grumiaux
6. Kealan Klata Trophy for Outstanding Defenseman (overall excellence in Defense)
Nadoka Oh
7. Medeya Wind Outstanding Goaltender (overall excellence in goaltending)
Jack Belvedere
8. Merrick-Sabre Outstanding Offensive Player (overall excellence in offensive play)
Beavis Beckham
9. Nadoka Oh Trophy for Enforcer of the Season (Hard Hits, Penalties, Aggressive Play)
IPR365 Ah
10. Naida Jewell Trophy for Most Improved Player (Must have played at least half of S7 and also have prior season experience for comparison)
Ruffian Lane
11. Outstanding Service to the League
Dyz Warburton Kert Upshaw Anhayla Lycia
Turoki Ametza Tuvok Dingson Kacey Rossini
Katia Ixtab Vivienne Coppola
12. Patrice Courneyor Trophy for Outstanding Teamwork (awarded to 1 team, with focus on passing, cooperation, and overall teamwork)
13. Raymond Goalpost Award for Captain of the Season
Marjan Tomba
14. Retired Vet Most Expected to Unretire for S8 (Just for fun!)
Gunner Walker
15. Rodriquez Trophy for Outstanding Rookie of the Season
Larithen Karu Anhayla Lycia
16. SirKiko Vidor Trophy for Outstanding Offensive Defenseman (You are voting for a person who played primarily defense, but showed excellence and impact in the offensive role as well.)
Sirkiko Vidor
17. Sugar Zuhrah Trophy for Outstanding Referee
Jack Belvedere
18. The Linden Cup
19. Vienna James Trophy for Outstanding Sportsmanship (Exhibited remarkable positive attitude throughout the season that strives for fair play, courtesy toward team mates, refs, and opponents, ethical behaviour and integrity, and grace in losing.)
Dyz Warburton
20. Weis Hickman Trophy for Overall League MVP (based on overall game performance, may be any position)
Huxley Fouroux