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GOHA Awards - All-Star Game Voting

1. Check one Cobras Defense/Goal.
Kert Upshaw
2. Check one Cobras Forward. (The top votes getters in each category here and below will be in All-Stars roster)
Huxley Fouroux
3. Check one Ice Lords Defense/Goal.
Anhayla Lycia
4. Check one Ice Lords Forward.
Nic Renegade
5. Check one Moose Defense/Goal.
Allan Gudkov
6. Check one Moose Forward.
Beavis Beckham
7. Check one primary European division player.
Tuvok Dingson
8. Check one Whales Defense/Goal.
Nadoka Oh
9. Check one Whales Forward.
Bedtime Bobbysocks
10. Check one Wolves Defense/Goal.
Boston Beeks
11. Check one Wolves Forward.
Dex Braveheart