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Official Division Standings

Ice LordsIce LordsScrimmage96300122915209:0416:13
Rossini's RoughnecksRossini's RoughnecksScrimmage11000251000:0000:00
SABRINA LTsSABRINA LTsScrimmage10010232001:4900:00
Javi's DkJavi's DkScrimmage11000265000:0000:00
Anna DarkAnna DarkScrimmage11000254000:0000:00
Sabrina's SaintsSabrina's SaintsScrimmage11000283000:0000:59
Javi's DksJavi's DksScrimmage11000232000:0000:00
SHAN DRsSHAN DRsScrimmage10001123000:0001:49
Jack's DemonsJack's DemonsScrimmage10100038000:5900:00
Shan's LTShan's LTScrimmage10100056000:0000:00
Javi's JarheadsJavi's JarheadsScrimmage10100015000:0000:00
* Standings are represented based on the rules as they applied to the selected season
Helping Out the Team!

Beavis Beckham is setting an great example by leading the entire division in assists. Beckham has assists on 18 goals! Great teamwork, Beavis!

A Random Hockey Fact from the Global Online Hockey Association

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Season Twenty Three Scrimmage Division Summary:
Games Played: 25   Players Involved: 22
Shots on Goal: 909   Penalties Incurred: 107
Goals Scored: 180 (19.80%)   Hits & Checks: 1,355
Assists Recorded: 112