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Official Division Standings

Ice LordsIce LordsScrimmage96300122915209:0416:13
Rossini's RoughnecksRossini's RoughnecksScrimmage11000251000:0000:00
SABRINA LTsSABRINA LTsScrimmage10010232001:4900:00
Javi's DkJavi's DkScrimmage11000265000:0000:00
Sabrina's SaintsSabrina's SaintsScrimmage11000283000:0000:59
Anna DarkAnna DarkScrimmage11000254000:0000:00
Javi's DksJavi's DksScrimmage11000232000:0000:00
SHAN DRsSHAN DRsScrimmage10001123000:0001:49
Jack's DemonsJack's DemonsScrimmage10100038000:5900:00
Shan's LTShan's LTScrimmage10100056000:0000:00
Javi's JarheadsJavi's JarheadsScrimmage10100015000:0000:00
* Standings are represented based on the rules as they applied to the selected season

Offensive players be warned... Liliannastreet Resident has built a reputation by protecting the goal crease. Players have been laid out 7 times this season by Liliannastreet Resident's crosschecking. Medics are always on the lookout when we see Liliannastreet on the ice!

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Season Twenty Three Scrimmage Division Summary:
Games Played: 19   Players Involved: 21
Shots on Goal: 661   Penalties Incurred: 79
Goals Scored: 123 (18.61%)   Hits & Checks: 1,011
Assists Recorded: 70